Saturday, 3 December 2011

Cayamana's rebellion

Abhyavartin Cayamana stormed out of a meeting with the elders and Purohits of his clan. How he wished he could pack them together and feed them to the wild beasts. These old men and their outdated traditions. How was he to get it through their hard heads that times had changed and they had to move on.

If the Panchalas had the Bharadvajas, the Anu tribe had the Bhargavas, descendants of the ancient rishi Brighu. The Brighus had given the Arya world fire worship and soma worship but the  Bharadvaja’s and related priestly families had usurped those practices and made them their own. This had been the underlying reason for tensions between the priestly classes and the their patron tribes.

Over centuries, the Purus and their most powerful clans the Panchalas had become increasingly militant much to the concern of the Anu tribes that neighboured them to the west. While all the Arya tribe held Varuna as the supreme God, in recent times, the Purus were giving Indra as much importance. Infact the Bharadvaja’s very openly advocating proclaiming Indra as the supreme God, overthrowing Varuna and all the traditions of the original Arya tribes.

Cowherds who measured their wealth and power in terms of the number of cattle they possessed were now turning to conquer land and control their fellow clans and tribes.

The appearance of the emissary from Bharadvaja’s ashram had stoked the fires of internal conflict within the Anu tribe, with the elders and priest wanting to keep their distance from the Panchalas, and their rajan, who insisted they had no choice but to forge a politically expedient alliance if only to thwart the Vrcivans.

Abhyavartin Cayamana had had enough. He was going to back his convictions and hope his people, especially the youth would rally behind him. He summoned Bharadvaja’s emissary and conveyed his consent to the conditions the Rishi had placed. He would turn up at the meeting and seal the alliance that would take on the Vrcivans.

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